Sultan Kite School Hurghada is located on the shores of a wonderful lagoon between Hurghada and El Gouna. There's a bus called the "Go-Bus" that travels between Hurghada and El Gouna. This bus can drop you off close to Palma Resort, where we're based. You can also get a taxi or park at the hotel parking if you're driving. Hotels "AMC Royal" and "Hawaii" are close to our kite station - Sultan Kite School Egypt.

Sultan Kite School Hurghada has everything you need for an amazing kiting experience: a pleasant lagoon, stable wind, an air compressor, pure water, first aid facilities, a repair kit, friendly staff and a thriving kiting community!

Water & Wind

Our preferred spot is on the shore of a long lagoon north of Hurghada beside the AMC Royal Hotel & Spa, which has fresh and almost constant on-shore directed wind, flat middle-tided lagoon water, a long quiet beach and a high standard of service paired with the latest equipment all of which makes for an optimal location for kitesurfing.

We honestly can say our lagoon is the best lagoon in Hurghada for every kind of kiting:

  • Torso depth water and sandy bottom are for learning tricks.
  • No chops is for improving your skills.
  • Smooth water is for gaining experience.
  • Stable wind is for novices and for professionals as well.
  • Fields of deep water and nice ramps is for high jumps.
  • A long marina is great for taking photos & videos.
  • And of course close proximity to the hotel (and public) who can appreciate your kite riding skills!

Wind conditions in the lagoon are just perfect – the wind direction is mainly North "onshore at an angle," sometimes the Eastern "right Bank". Twice a year (in May and November) wind tends to turns to the south-southeast “side-shore” direction.

Chillout Zone ;-)

We have seating for sun lovers and beanbags in the shade for when you need it – and you will need the shade sometimes. We have soft drinks, tea and coffee on site. And if you’re hungry, (Kiting is hungry business!) you can order lunch without leaving the station.